Monday, January 18, 2010


Currently I'm hooked to NeoQuest. It's a role playing game (RPG). I always fall for this kind of game. My favorites are Pokemon (Silver, Gold, etc). There are also another games I really like. Unfortunately, I don't remember their name. I've played them a long time ago and I've already lost the CD. Which is kinda disappointing because I still have one game unfinished but that's because it was glitched.

But the best RPG I've ever played is Digimon. I don't remember the full name of the game. Unlike the other RPG games I've played, its graphic is simply the best (haha chibi version of digimon!). The story line is cool too! What I like the most is the fight. Sure, it's like a card game (like in Yu-Gi-Oh) but I was really good at it. Most of the fight even the final one (really strong tough guy with super unfair strong support cards) are done in all 3 rounds! Oh, I love my cards! I've played this game over and over until it no longer works on my upgraded windows version. Oh, the lost.... I still miss it. I want to play it again. I might be able to find out how to make it work again now but I've also lost this CD! Arckkk!

Okay, back to NeoQuest. A long ago I tried this very same game. The skills I chose at the time are all offensive skills. Strong attack but low defense and no healing ability. I lost badly on the early stage which kinda sucks so I never played it again until recently (a few days ago haha).

This time, the skills set I chose are defensive and healing abilities. The reason I chose these is because I've played Kongregate's Monster Den (the link on the side board). So I know that all strong offensive abilities might not be a good way to go especially if your opponents are almost always stronger than you. Even if you win, you will lose a lot of Health Point (I know it's actually called Hit Point but Health Point make more sense). So either you stack up a lot of Healing Potion which will be gone very quickly OR you can stack up defensive and healing abilities. These are the important ones:

Defensive Ability
Evasion (evade physical attacks entirely)
Absorption (absorb your enemy's attack and use it to heal yourself slightly)
Reflex (your opponent's damage is reflected back on them)

Healing Abilities
Field Medic (regenerate your Health during the fight)
Lifesteal (when your attack, some of the damage might be returned to you as Health)

I absolutely love my defensive abilities. It's so fun watching your enemy hurt themselves by their own during. The best part is they can't hit me. If they do hit me, it's turned out to heal me instead :D My healing abilities are cool too. Combining these two type of abilities, I am almost always win my fight easily and for the record, I have no offensive abilities at all. All my attacks are normal attack but I might need stronger attacks in the future. Who knows?

Anyway, I rarely have to use the Healing Potions in my fight. Right now, I have a full and almost full stacks of Weak Healing Potions and Standard Healing Potions which is a good thing because The Boss is usually hard to beat so I might need those to help me win the fight.

NeoQuest is fun but I have a few things I dislike about this game. Unlike most RPG I've played, the map here is like a big difficult maze. I know I'm a bit of direction challenged but I am not usually this bad! I mean I don't even know where I am right now O_o

Not only that, I don't know the point of this game. I just walk along the cave and keep going down the level and collecting stuff from the monsters. I don't know who The Boss is and if there is actually a Boss. There are not much people to talk to but so much fights every single way.

I think it's gonna take a loooooong time to finish this game. Good thing the fight is fun (Yay, Absoption!) or I would be so bored to continue with this game. So, yeah.. since I'm focusing on NeoQuest right now I might not spend a lot of time on Kongregate's Monster Den (the link on the side board) for now. :) Wish me luck on getting the avatars~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Guild Layout and Software Issues

Hehe, what is wrong with me? I can't stop making layout for the guild. It's really fun playing with the layouts. The coding part is good too but I prefer the graphic editing part :)

Here is how the graphic for the layout looks like:
(Click on image to view it full size in Photobucket)

Pretty isn't it?

The graphics are free and easy to get. I usually get my images from the Full Screen, Collectable Cards, Sketches, Tiled, Images, Shop Blogs, Screensavers, Music and Gift Tags sections available on Neopets. But of course, you can pretty much get cool graphics from every single page there too. All of the graphics are only free to use on Neopets though.

I wonder if the layout I make would look better if I use any major graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop. Currently I'm using MS Paint as always. I do have the installer for Adobe Photoshop though courtesy of my previous diploma course session but it's the pirated version. I'm feeling a bit guilty of using it because I didn't pay for it. I feel like I'm robbing someone's paycheck.

It's the same with Macromedia Dreamweaver too. That's the major reason why I didn't update my website (real website made for an assignment in during my diploma course) even though I should. Yeah yeah I know, there's NVU and a lot of other freely available to use programs but I haven't try any of those yet.

Anyway, because of this complicated issue, I rarely touch those two programs. I used to have a lot more pirated softwares installed on my computers since everyone use them and most computer shops pre-install these free of charge. It's like a custom here. Only companies will use legit version and that's probably because they are afraid of being sued. I really feel guilty though so I removed the others except for these two because I need them for practice.

I am so hoping I can remove these or buy the legit version as soon as possible. Free softwares can be as good as the paid commercial softwares but the learning curves can be harsh. That's why I keep stalling.

Okay, enough of that rambling and back to the layout. Since the last layout I made and coded for the guild is just 5 days ago and it got very positive response from guild members, I am not going to replace it with this one yet. But, I did show this layout to Nikki and she said she totally love it! :) Me too. It's kinda hard to believe I'm using MS Paint for this.

Ha~ I so wish the day I could make earth-shattering layouts will come soon (unlikely)!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Guild Layout

I updated Guild Homepage Layout yesterday. It looks really good, way better than before :) The side house is a nice touch. I think it's really match our neohome themed guild. Other guild members gave very positive responses. I love it too!

This is the original graphic for the layout (before I break it to slices and tweak it further):

And here is how it looks like on our guild homepage (after further tweaking on both graphics and codes):
(Click on the image to view it full size on Photobucket)

See the differences? I added some space in the header for the menu. I don't know how to do this in the previous layout so some functionality has to be sacrificed for the sake of beautiful layout. I'm sure other guild members share the same feeling with me because I am so very glad the navigation menu back! It makes it easier for me to move around the guild. Other than that, I also added copyright notice in the footer graphic.

My only complain about the layout is I can't make it compact without ruining the look. I want to make it compact so people don't have to scroll down the page to find various things. The problem is there are just too much stuff stuffed in there. So I quit trying to make the compact version of this layout for now.

I'll try to make a compact and nice looking layout next time but I might need to remove some of the stuff. In fact, right now, I'm studying the codes of other guilds' homepage layouts to learn more about it even though I'm sleepy.

But, I don't think I get to learn a lot like this. :) Maybe I'll just go to sleep. Unfortunately, I'm scared! I'm alone at home now. Mom's staying at aunt's house. I don't think I can sleep tonight. Thanks goodness only 4 hours to go before morning.. :Z

Or... I could just leave the PC on (sorry, electricity!). I'm going to sleep. Sweet dreams!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year Resolution

I've just noticed I haven't make any new year resolution yet. Well, I have a bunch of projects, ambitions, goals, or whatever you call it that I haven't finish yet but that's probably because they are long-term goals. So for short term goals I want to achieve this year are:
  1. Get a job
  2. Maintain the job for one year
  3. Throw away unnecessary stuff in my bedroom
  4. Create a system to maintain a clean and tidy bedroom
  5. Wake up early every morning
  6. Get 8 hours sleep every day
  7. Maintain a clean and tidy kitchen and bathroom everyday
  8. Create custom layout for my Neopets user lookup
  9. Update Magromile's petpage
  10. Update Gorgannnn's petpage
  11. Update Meiyyko's petpage
  12. Update Ugjgh's petpage
That's enough for twelve months I think.


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