Monday, January 11, 2010

New Guild Layout

I updated Guild Homepage Layout yesterday. It looks really good, way better than before :) The side house is a nice touch. I think it's really match our neohome themed guild. Other guild members gave very positive responses. I love it too!

This is the original graphic for the layout (before I break it to slices and tweak it further):

And here is how it looks like on our guild homepage (after further tweaking on both graphics and codes):
(Click on the image to view it full size on Photobucket)

See the differences? I added some space in the header for the menu. I don't know how to do this in the previous layout so some functionality has to be sacrificed for the sake of beautiful layout. I'm sure other guild members share the same feeling with me because I am so very glad the navigation menu back! It makes it easier for me to move around the guild. Other than that, I also added copyright notice in the footer graphic.

My only complain about the layout is I can't make it compact without ruining the look. I want to make it compact so people don't have to scroll down the page to find various things. The problem is there are just too much stuff stuffed in there. So I quit trying to make the compact version of this layout for now.

I'll try to make a compact and nice looking layout next time but I might need to remove some of the stuff. In fact, right now, I'm studying the codes of other guilds' homepage layouts to learn more about it even though I'm sleepy.

But, I don't think I get to learn a lot like this. :) Maybe I'll just go to sleep. Unfortunately, I'm scared! I'm alone at home now. Mom's staying at aunt's house. I don't think I can sleep tonight. Thanks goodness only 4 hours to go before morning.. :Z

Or... I could just leave the PC on (sorry, electricity!). I'm going to sleep. Sweet dreams!

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