So... Where IS This Neopia?

Neopia Map

See that planet? That is Neopia. It was created by some bored teenagers who know how to program things on computer. It wasn't fun at all until *gasp* the Neopets came alive! Actually we created them but that's beside the point...

Anyway, Neopets are like real pets, you can feed them, clothe them, play with them, train them to fight in battle dome, just like what you usually do with your pets... Whaaat? It's optional so don't look at me like that! You don't have to if you don't want to. There are many other things you can do in Neopia :)

Really? Yes! Let me tell you some of my favorites!

Playing mini games! Not only it helps you to release tension, you can also gain some nifty NP (currency in Neopia) to buy food, clothes and more! There are hundreds of games and varieties of genres available to suit your preferences too. My favorite are games of Actions like Barf Boat and Splat-A-Sloth and Puzzles like Word Pyramid and Roodoku :)

Shopping!!! Well, it is kinda funny. I hate shopping in real life. I hate to waste money so I only buy bare necessities. The sad thing is I'm not even poor and yet I am so stingy.

Good thing that shopping in Neopia is *gasp* FREE! Well, it costs time to gain that NP but that doesn't really count.. :) The items you can buy are numerous. There are faerie food, special food, space food, underwater food, magma food, clothes, accessories, backgrounds, armors, weapons, furniture, books, scrolls, toys, balls, and... You got the point.

Did I mention you can bargain with the shopkeeper about the price? Oh, and sell it back to other players at your own price? Oh, yeah... It takes time to become good at it but it is so worth it!

Build and decorate Neohomes. Oooh, it is so much fun decorating your own home the way you like it! You can even choose whether you like it 2D or 3D! Look at the pretty pictures! Just so you know, I decorated that bathroom ^_^ The other one is a spotlight winner, congrats by the way to whom it may concerns!

But no matter what you do, sometimes you just want laid back, being lazy and chat with friends. That's when you go to Neoboards! It is a fun place and always full with people. The best thing about Neoboards? Romances, politics, spams and harassments are NOT allowed! Say yes to non-existent of those annoying sex harassments, flirts, political message and overly-rude people! It is safe even for kids ^___^ and yet not boring at all because there are so much topics available there.

So those are my favorites things to do in Neopia. If you are the creative sort, you might also be interested in competitions that range from writing, drawing, singing, coding, to making handcraft. They must be Neopets related though. :) For the competitive gamers, almost all the mini games, and competitions have high scores list. Try to be among the top scorers to gain trophies! Collectors, there are stamps, seashells, evil coconuts, cards, dolls, and various items to collect on your own leisure! I'm sure there are more than the ones listed here. So feel free to explore the limits :)

But, HOLD ON! It is not always fun and sunshine on Neopia. There are mischievous ghost (Pant Devil!), evil geniuses (Dr. Sloth!), bad faeries (*shivers* Jhudora..), zombies, angry monsters and more lurking around especially at night! Mumble:Not to mention the stupid hackers and scammers....

So, while we do have The Neopets Team and The Defenders of Neopia to protect us, it never hurts to be extra careful. Use common sense to avoid falling for dirty tricks. There are just no way your items will increase by posting chain letters. Keep your items in Safety Deposits, NP in Banks and use PIN numbers to keep them from being stolen. Things like that...

*blink* So there you have it. Not only you've discovered where Neopia is, you've also learned the good and the bad about living in Neopia. Huh, what do you mean you still don't know where Neopia is?!! Arghh, fine! Just click the banner below to sign up! Mumble: Lazy rock....


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