Saturday, December 26, 2009

Advent Calendar Day 25

Sorry, for the total lateness.

Period... I am uncomfortable and I'm feeling lazy right now along with some headache and stomach cramps. Ah, I wish for some ice cream.... or any creamy goodness....

I might redo this post later... (but then again, I always redo my post)

Today's Gifts:

I post this a day late so feel free to see the picture and the prizes ^^ Or, you can go visit Advent Calendar to see today's animation and prizes instead. :)

Advent Calendar 25 December 2009, Neopets

I always think that Jetsams look mean. This one looks like a normal boy instead :) I wish you a happy holiday, little Jetsam!

Well, the story goes like this:

The little Jetsam was looking at toys in a toy shop. He was totally captured by a beautiful toy train. He imagined what it will be like being in train. What if he is a train conductor? He will be excited for sure! Suddenly a disaster is about to occur. They were going to go across the mountain but the train trail they were going to use broke! Eh, the control broke too? What are they going to do now? They were about to crash! What? He actually got caught up in his daydream? Hehehe, what a funny guy ^^

He has an active imagination, isn't he? Anyway, the animation is too long to be put on a picture. It won't look good either. Just look at those previous overly long pictures I edited. So I thought maybe it's actually better to use a picture that looks like a picture. So I might redo those posts and use picture with single frame in it in every post or use the actual animation video. I don't know which is better but I am fond of the first option. It seems more personalized and fun :)

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