Friday, November 27, 2009

Catching On With Guild Members

The internet disconnected again but I don't really feel the lose because we went to aunt's house for a couple of days. If there is anything that I missed, it's my house. That's what I thought at first but now... There are a lot of changes made when I checked back on after 5 days.

~ My guild is suddenly active. I guess that should have been expected when a talkative girl (broncosfan1000) and veteran classic neohomer (wowimaginethat) joined in. :) Apparantly wowimaginethat complained that our guild is totally inactive. So now I see a lot of discussions (and chat) between the_awsome_2x2, broncosfan1000, and wowimaginethat about this in our guild message board.
~ Oh, we now collect Guild Donation. Members can do it here.

   While I am glad that we have active members now and a lot of activities now, I'm also worried that I will missed out a lot of things. I'm naturally a bystander. I don't really join in a group conversation. I prefer one on one conversation and do my things behind the scene. I don't feel as left out before because I am the one who do half of the job in the guild and the_awsome_2x2 always talk to me and ask me for helps.

   Since I'm not talkative or cheerful or super nice, generous and so on, that's the only way I can contribute. Now that broncosfan1000, an artist, doer and diplomat by nature and wowimaginethat the one with great imagination are here, I'm pretty sure I won't have as much stuff to do anymore. Aww... man.....

  On the happier thinking, the marquee broncosfan1000 added on our Guild Homepage looked fun. So I made some changes in the Neohome Spotlight Winners page and added TWO marquees too lol :D

   What with this wavy feeling? Up, down, up and down again? Anyway, I was a bit worried that the Guild Donation thing is against the rules but after checking the The Neopets Team (TNT) rules, there's nothing to worry about. Guild Shop and Auction are not prohibited. Lol see what I meant? Now I'm up again! Ah, whatever!

   Hm, the_awsome_2x2 has announced this week Neohome Spotlight Winner. It's wowimaginethat again. :) Congratulation, wowimaginethat! Her house is really really great. Here's a glimpse to what her classic neohome looks like:

   Amazing, isn't it? She's so creative. Here's the link to wowimaginethat's house. Right now, her house is one of the best in our Guild. I'm sure we'll have more creative classic neohomer in the future ;) We even have one in the making, the_awsome_2x2. Her house is great even though she is actually a newcomer. :) There are a lot of empty rooms though.

   Ack, actually that's not the reason why I brought this up. It's just that I have my Photobucket account and the_awsome_2x2 has hers. I am wondering if we could share a folder just for guilds pictures. I got sidetracked but I just love that state of art house of hers! Lol, her words not mine but yeah, I agree. :)

Myspace Comments

   Lol, see? It moves my heart! :D Which reminds me that mom always say that I look like someone in love. I am always look and act like I'm in my own world. She wonders what would I be like when I really fall in love. I wonder about that too.

   Anyway that's all for now. This post is getting too long. Here's a picture I drew during this week "no internet" episode to end this post. I made it for Usul Day Drawing Contest but I can't send it on time because of this incident so I'm posting it here instead. Hmm... I think I'm gonna post it on one of my pet page too.

Artwork drew by me but it is based on Neopets' character.
Copyright 2000-2009 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.
Click on the image to enlarge.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updated Guild Layout For Thanksgiving Day

Today, I updated the guild layout upon request by broncosfan1000 :) She wants to put turkey in the layout because Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. I don't celebrate it but I like this kind of stuff so why not :)

Here is what it looks like:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Time Taken: Less Than 1 Day
Coded By: islah88
Images: I used free images from Christmas Graphics Plus and Cool Holiday

Yay! It looks good! I hope you like it, broncosfan1000!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Guild Layout

My guild is called Neohome: Classic Edition. We used the original layout and just changed the colors. Our Halloween theme layout doesn't look bad at all but for some reason the_awsome_2x2 changed it. She says something about cannot use it forever. I missed that layout and I regret not taking a screen shot. Oh well...

She changed the layout colors to skyblue, gray and dark gray. I don't remember if there's any other color. Anyway it's depressing and looks really bad and awkward especially after we rearrange the stuff on it. So since I got nothing to do anyway and this thing really bugs me, I took the challenge to create our own guild custom layout. I'm still a newbie (NOOB!) and this is my first attempt at guild layout.

I took about 8-10 hours to finish it (I know I'm slow). Then it takes another 1~2 days to tweak it after receiving some response from the_awsome_2x2. Here is what it looks like now:

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Pretty nice, huh? The other four boxes slide down when the mouse hovers on them.

I'm still not sure how to remove or rearrange components like moving the poll box to the right side, remove the council box and such. And then, I'm not sure how to make my own layout using any paint program.

I want to try painting and coding other type of layout but the_awsome_2x2 said she really likes this one *excited* so I maybe I should wait for another season or year before I do that. Right now.. I'm practicing my CSS on Gorgannnn's petpage but it doesn't look like anything right now.

I hope someday I will be able to create great custom layout :)

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Joining New Guild in Neopia

I joined a guild several months back but I wasn't an active member. But, about one months ago the_awsome_2x2, The SUPREME MASTER (highest Rank in Guild Council) put me on Guild Council as Little Master (second highest Rank in Guild Council). We are close friends but nowadays we only talk about guild related stuff. I miss our more personal conversations.

Anyway I'm the brain of the Neohome: Classic Edition Guild but the executions of the idea are done by the_awsome_2x2. Our guild is still new. That's one reason why I like it. I wish to be an active member but in matured guild I don't think that will happen.

In this new guild I help maintaining Guild HomepageGuild Forum and Guild Chat Board. Recently, I had created a webbie (extension to guild homepage). It's not great but it's okay as a starter. We don't have a lot of active members so it's fine for now. There are only 2 active members in this guild anyway, me and the_awsome_2x2.

:D Lol, I actually drove her crazy with my suggestions. She has a lot of things to do in her to do list. We both have that list that lists all my ideas and let me assure you, it's NOT short at all and that's only after a few weeks! But of course, we have different things to do even though we have the same list.

I'm mostly work on designs, idea and... I lost the words but it has something to do with archiving. She on the other hand do the greetings, speech, making stuff happens and so on. She's only 14 or so and yet she's a better leader, speaker and executer than me who is 21 years old. I'm feel so ashamed sometimes. :D


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