Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Joining New Guild in Neopia

I joined a guild several months back but I wasn't an active member. But, about one months ago the_awsome_2x2, The SUPREME MASTER (highest Rank in Guild Council) put me on Guild Council as Little Master (second highest Rank in Guild Council). We are close friends but nowadays we only talk about guild related stuff. I miss our more personal conversations.

Anyway I'm the brain of the Neohome: Classic Edition Guild but the executions of the idea are done by the_awsome_2x2. Our guild is still new. That's one reason why I like it. I wish to be an active member but in matured guild I don't think that will happen.

In this new guild I help maintaining Guild HomepageGuild Forum and Guild Chat Board. Recently, I had created a webbie (extension to guild homepage). It's not great but it's okay as a starter. We don't have a lot of active members so it's fine for now. There are only 2 active members in this guild anyway, me and the_awsome_2x2.

:D Lol, I actually drove her crazy with my suggestions. She has a lot of things to do in her to do list. We both have that list that lists all my ideas and let me assure you, it's NOT short at all and that's only after a few weeks! But of course, we have different things to do even though we have the same list.

I'm mostly work on designs, idea and... I lost the words but it has something to do with archiving. She on the other hand do the greetings, speech, making stuff happens and so on. She's only 14 or so and yet she's a better leader, speaker and executer than me who is 21 years old. I'm feel so ashamed sometimes. :D

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