Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Using Materials From or Based On Neopets Offsite

Last Edited: 22 December 2009 GMT+08

I know we could use Neopets' images offsite but I didn't realize that we have to put copyright notice on it.

Graphics' Meaning:
The Support Graphics form is only for questions about using Neopets' designs, text, images, photographs, illustrations, audio clips, video clips, artwork, graphic material, or other copyrightable elements and trademarks, service marks and trade names (the "Materials").
Source: Contact Form: Support Graphics

Using Neopets Artwork Off The Site:
You can display our pictures on your own personal web pages for your personal noncommercial use ONLY as long as you write "Copyright 2000-2009 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission" or "(c) 2000-2009 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission" on EVERY page with our pictures and/or text and you link directly to us.
you can't sell ads, barter for stuff, offer your services, or otherwise earn money, Neopets' Items, or Neopoints either on web pages that contain our pictures and other Materials, or by using our pictures or other Materials, such as by offering to make Neopets banners or backgrounds for others.
If there is anything you are unsure of about this, please contact us using this form and we will do our best to give you a quick answer.
Source: Terms and Condition

Paid Advertisement:
While we require that there be no banner ads on your personal webpage, we recognize that some free hosts require a single ad for their hosting services. So, we do permit you to use our images on your page so long as it has only the ad for your hosting service, which is displayed minimally.
Source: Contact Form: Support Graphics

Wow, I've just realized I have a lot of Neopets pictures posted in this blog and in my Photobucket account. It's too much work to edit the posts individually. I mean they already look good but if I add the copyright notice, I would have to changed a lot of thing too to make sure the post still look good and the notice doesn't look out of place, threatening or awkward.

More details Terms and Condition, Terms and Conditions - FAQ, Contact Form: Support Graphics)
Neopets screenshots on my flickr account
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