Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Guild Layout

On my previous post, I mentioned that I've been working on the new guild layout. This one is different than my previous guild layouts I made because I completely remove the outside world from the homepage. Not only that, I also edited header, footer and background images using MS Paint. I've never done these before. It actually turned out good. Well, it looks good on my test page.

Here is what it looks like on the test page with different browsers:

<< In Chrome         << In IE

Google Chrome shows the border the way I want it to but IE handles this differently. Okay, so the border is only 1 pixel so it's hard to see on the picture. So to show how different it handles this, I add my own border up there just to give the idea.

2 days ago I tried the layout on guild homepage. It ended up looking quite different that the ones on the test pages. O_o

It became quite different because I need to tweak the codes and I'm not sure how to fix certain parts. I have vague memory, I don't remember which part I'm talking about but it probably has something to do with the Neopets html filter or the graphic does not repeat the way I want it to.

It doesn't look bad like this but.... I didn't get that "Wow, this is an amazing layout!" feeling. ^^ Oh well, I won't stop trying until I get that feeling. I do feel like I'm untalented but I like this kind of thing. Since I have no talent in anything, why not just choose the one I like best? :) Yay, go me! Try your best!

On another related event, I applied for my first serious job yesterday after being coaxed (forced) endlessly by my mom. I guess she's right. I'm just trying to run away but I seriously think I have no talent in IT especially in web designing. I'm just a regular people who know just a little bit more than normal housewives. Is that something to be proud of? I don't even dare to apply for IT related job.

I know people have been telling me that I'm a good student, fast learner, good in programming, and drawing.. but I can't help feeling like a nobody. Wherever I go on the internet, there are just endless people who are better than me in whatever I'm doing.

Anyway, I applied for a Web Designer position. My mom said that my resume is actually impressive and what more impressive is that they actually CALLED ME today for an interview this Thursday. I'm really nervous right now. What if I can't do what they tell me to do even though I have the right qualification? Sure, I would do my best but.....

Haihhh, why can some people be happy-go-lucky and I'm one of the worrywarts, gloomy, shy, negative people? I tried, I really do try to be more confident but sometimes I ended up being overconfident which is worse. So I am always worried.

I hope I would do well. I hope I'll get this job and I hope this job will last for a long long time. I hope they will like me. I hope I will be happy there. I hope I'll be a better person.

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