Friday, December 04, 2009

Games Master Challenge 2009 (Day One, 24 Nov)

Challenge One *done*
The Battledome's launch was among the highlights of Y2. Perhaps you and your friends aren't in the battling mood, though. Maybe you should send a couple of them challenges to top your game scores instead?
Prize: Bottled Earth Faerie

Challenge Two *done*
Submit this score for this game of pairing plaster-wearers, which arrived on the 16th day of Hunting, Y2.
Prize: Piece of a Treasure Map

Challenge Three *done*
Show that you can follow instructions by sending three scores of 100 or more at Techo Says, the first game ever released on the Neopets site!
Prize: Techo Says Bobblehead

Challenge Four *done*
Known originally as "the Winter World," this land is home to such Neopian attractions as the Snowager, and Advent Calendar.
  • Watch for falling pianos as you score 800 in this frosty favourite.
  • Avoid Snow Wurms and getting a bloated tummy while scoring 500 or more in this classic Ice Caves game.
Prize: Igloo Garage Sale Background

Challenge Five *done*
Are you sitting down? Brace yourself... here it comes: submit a score for one of the challenge's qualifying games. What arduous demands will TNT think of next?!?
Prize: Checkerboard Pizza

Not hard at all. Probably because it's just the opening.

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