Friday, December 04, 2009

Atlas Of The Ancient

I realized I got an Atlas Of The Ancient trophy today. I'm quite... I don't know. I feel a little bit disappointed?

My trophy:

I read Atlas of the Ancients Plot Trophy and Prize Guide on SunnyNeo.

The trophy I got here is called Rock. Anyone who joined the plot but didn't finished the first 11 steps get this trophy. I only missed one step. I think player can still upgrade the trophy by completing the steps but I don't know for sure. I finished step 11 and got the prize just a while ago so it's a possibility.

I have a hard time with Cave Glider though so maybe I won't ever get to finish this one step. I need to score at least 2,500 in this game but I keep bumping on stuff on level two.

Anyway, I feel kinda sad that this plot has ended already. It just that this plot is easy enough even for people like me but I just didn't finish it because I was discourage to continue after failing that one step. This plot is unlike the other plot where you have to finish each step before you can continue to another step. For me to even failed this.. I feel like a weakling.

On the happier note, I got my trophy, a new avatar, a new site theme AND a lot of prizes from joining this plot. :)

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