Sunday, December 06, 2009

Games Master Challenge 2009 (Day Three, 26 Nov)

Challenge One *done*
This snot-soaked menace began leaving behind a trail of destruction (among other things) all the way back in Y4. Salute this slimy scoundrel with a score of 12,000 in his game, which followed a few years latera
Prize: Snot Garland

Challenge Two *done*
This kingdom, which debuted in Y4, is known for its rich farmlands and foul-tempered ruler.
  • Gather berries while rolling past obstacles on your way to a score of 125 or higher.
  • Can you maintain the balance of your teetering items long enough to get a score of 200 in this test of skill?
Prize: Berry and Marrow Casserole

Challenge Three *done*
Skarl's kingdom is host to a number of simple, yet entertaining, activities and games. To complete this challenge, view the scores of any five qualifying games.
Prize: Jeran Rocks Bean Bag

Challenge Four *done*
Ever since this game launched in Y4, Petpets have been petrified of being featured alongside its greedy Chia protagonist. Keep enough Petpets on the table to reach a score of 60.
Prize: Crokabek

Challenge Five *done*
Surely, there will be chaos in the streets of Neopia when it's revealed that completing this challenge requires the submission of scores for 20 qualifying challenge games. Say it isn't so!
Prize: King Skarl Stamp

This is not hard at all except for Snot Splatter. It's really hard to get that score. After trying for quite some time, I only got 11,854 but I get the prize anyway. I wondered about that but I was already tired from playing that game and since I've already finished the challenge, who cares? I was a lit bit worried that maybe that's just a glitch and I would have to try again.

Fortunately it's a typo. SunnyNeo mentioned this in its website that players just need to score 1,200 not 12,000. :)

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