Thursday, December 10, 2009

Games Master Challenge 2009 (Day Seven, 30 Nov)

Challenge One *done*
If you harbour any intention of completing this challenge, you'll need a certain score in this game that features a Gnorbu character from Y9's Journey to the Lost Isle plot.
Prize: Scrap Paper

Challenge Two *done*
This epic showdown between Neopia's favourite Wocky antihero and his arch nemesis Hubrid Nox was remade in Y9. Can you stop brooding long enough to blast your way to a score of 175 or higher?
Prize: Evil Cybunny Plushie

Challenge Three *done*
Shenkuu's searching for a new batch of top scholars, but first you have to prove that you're up to the test. Sending three scores of 700 or greater should do the trick!
Prize: Professor Hugo Fairweather Plushie

Challenge Four *done*
Oh, sure... the Petpet Protection League might not be happy about it, but they're not the ones who have to live under a curse now, are they? Keep that Terror Mountain cave dweller fed and the jinx at bay while getting a score of 50 or more.
Prize: Snowbeast Horns

Challenge Five *done*
Whew, almost there! Sure it sounds difficult, but there's only one more challenge after this one. Alright, ready? Here it is: send scores for 70 qualifying game challenges. Alright now, go on. You can do it!
Prize: Vernax

Wow, I finally got the hang on Snowbeast Snackrifice! I don't think I've ever manage to score anything on this game before :)

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