Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Games Master Challenge 2009 (Day Five, 28 Nov)

Challenge One *done*
Neopia's moon was discovered during the month of Hunting in Y6. Can you complete this out-of-this-world challenge?
  • Rearrange the rocks till you've cracked enough codes to get 500 points or more.
  • Help the Grundo astronaut avoid obstacles while flying in circles to reach a score of 75 or higher.
Prize: Puzzles of Space

Challenge Two *done*
Two Y6 games included the pairing of a Cybunny on vacation and a Grundo revolutionary.
  • Help this duo dodge a fleet of Virtupets Fighters and achieve a score of at least 400.
  • Next, get at least 800 points while helping this pair gather the parts of their ship so they can leave Kreludor.
Prize: Lord Darigan Stamp

Challenge Three *FAILED!*
In Y6, a magnificent invention known as the Juice-O-Matic made its debut, delivering tasty Juppie Juice to grateful Meepits throughout Neopia. Get a score of 2700 or greater while giving the Meepits their juice, or face the possibility of getting your face bitten...
Prize: Turtum

Challenge Four *done*
Fore! To complete this challenge, wow the gallery as you cruise to a score of 300 or more on the links.
Prize: Golf Clubs with Fuzzy Covers

Challenge Five *done*
Just when you thought you'd exhausted your ability to send qualifying game scores... ha HA, another challenge! This time, send scores for 40 qualifying games.
Prize: Taelia Doll

I referred to game guides for Time Tunnel and Moon Rock Rampage so finished all the games easily except... MEEPIT JUICE BREAK!! 2700 - 1899 = I still need 801 more...

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