Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent Calendar Day 19

We went to aunt's house alright. I fell asleep right away once we arrived so I didn't get any chance to try the internet. When I woke up in the morning... It was a freakin' disaster.

The instruction for Celcom Broadband Daily Subscription is easy enough to understand.

1. First, check for the broadband information to make sure of the fee, etc:
Dial *118# > Broadband > Info

2. There's no reason to subscribe if you can't use it so next, you need to check if this service is available in your area:
Dial *118# > Broadband > Check Coverage

3. To Subscribe:
Then dial *118# again > Broadband > Subscribe Daily Broadband

4. To check for subscription status (end period, etc):
Dial *118# > Broadband > Subscription Status

This part was done with no problem. Then came the seemingly another easy part.
1. Install Nokia N73 PC Suite from CD provided by manufacturer
2. Connect cellphone to PC by usb wire or bluetooth (I'm opting for bluetooth)
3. Connect to internet with cellphone as the modem

First part is easy. Second part is easy but tricky. I keep getting bluetooth device is not enabled error but I just have to click Apply in the bluetooth setting in Acer ePM whenever I get this error. I don't even have to change a thing, just click Apply. Weird, huh? The third... is a major disaster.

I either get error something about modem is not configured properly/busy or One Touch Access totally stopped working altogether. So I keep uninstalling and reinstalling Nokia PC Suite.

I was really frustated though and I knew it. So I thought I should relieve some tension by accessing the internet from the cellphone and went to Wonderland Online homepage to collect credit for 19th December 2009. At least if something bad happened, one of my goal is still safe.

I didn't go to Neopets because I can't capture the screen shot from the cellphone. It's not the prizes I'm trying to catch, it's just that I want to store my memory of Advent Calendar 2009 and my thoughts of it. Therefore it's no use to go to Neopets if I can't have the video screenshot.

Anyway, I felt better after that and less rushed and impatient. I went back trying to figure out the problem which is not helpful at all because I have no experience in this. So I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling Nokia PC Suite again.

Okay, so that was kinda stupid but the problem is I don't know what else to do since this is my first time trying to connect to internet with cellphone as modem through bluetooth (and usb wire but the wire head is loose so it's totally unreliable and I would be stupid to even think of using it for this purpose). Then I tried searching Google for solution in the cellphone. Not much I found except one answerer suggests downloading the latest PC Suite instead if you're using Window Vista.

So I did download the latest program in the cellphone. I thought I'll transfer it later into the laptop. It's not Nokia PC Suite though because Nokia Ovi Suite looks better by this point. The file size is about 60MB so it took awhile.

By the time it finish download, it's almost 4 o'clock already (12 AM in Neopets time). I really need to hurry or I'll miss Advent Calendar Day 19 video and prizes. I installed it in the laptop and guess what? It works! I also found out that the Access Point is actually (for postpaid). You can check for this information by going to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Access Points.

The reason I didn't know this is because the instruction I read in the .pdf file I got from Celcom website didn't mention anything about Access Point. So I keep missing this necessary step to connect to internet.

Now I can connect to internet but only 10 minutes left! Woa, come on browser! Faster!

Guess what? IE is not responding! Well, so I have to restart the application a couple of times. OHHHHH!!!!! This is so unfair!!! Guess what now? The 10 minutes were over! I missed the Advent Calendar for 19th December 2009! I really wanted to choke my little sister precious neck at that moment and curse everyone to oblivion and oooh, don't forget, hit, smash, jump on the stupid laptop and cellphone!

This is so not going to happen if she didn't want to go to Pesta Pulau Pinang which requires she and mom to go to aunt's house. But I have to go too because I am needed to test whether Celcom Broadband Daily service is suitable for her use and where else is better for the test than a place without internet? I am cranky all morning and day too because I was having problem to connect to internet. THEY, the culprits, made it totally worse by saying "Oh, stop trying already. It's okay if it doesn't work".

Ooooh, not only you guys dragged me here, you ruined one of my goal (which was not to miss a day during Neopets' Advent Calendar 2009), now you can't even be supportive and make this pain and troubles actually worthwhile having?! NO WAY! So I kept trying and be a spoilsport to anyone who wants to use the laptop AND cellphone for fun! Until I get it, you won't get it either.

Anyway back to the unresponding IE and various restarts, I didn't know what the problem is. Maybe it's the connection speed because it is really slow to open any website. So by this point, I thought maybe it's only fast in cellphone but not in the laptop. So I didn't try anything anymore.

I went to Neopets to do what I usually do this past week :) I captured the screen shot for Advent Calendar Day 20. I didn't post it on the blog at that time because websites load very slow. I thought I'll do it later at home. I have the screen shot already anyway. Then I went to sleep.

I woke up around 11-12PM. I ate then tried to access Blogger to post on Log Makanan Harian through cellphone because it's faster than the laptop. I can sign in but for some reason the webpage keeps disappearing and I'm back at N73 front menu. Because I tried this a lot of time, I got different errors. Something about gate not responding.

That's why I'm here. I don't know why I changed the Access Point to #99. Maybe I want to test the speed with different Access Point. Anyway, I saw that the cellphone use celcom (for prepaid) as Access Point even though we all use celcom postpaid. So I changed the Access Point in Nokia Ovi Suite to celcom. I'm glad I did it because the speed is wayyyy better than before :)

I can even open multiple tabs without problems. Finally, it worths it in the end.

Edited: 21 Dec 2009 4:11 AM GMT+8
I found out that fgn-guild actually saved the Advent Calendar animation. I don't know know how they do it yet.

I don't know how should I feel about this. To find out that there is actually a website that have both the animation and prize's screenshot, I wonder if I should have gone to collect my prizes anyway and then capture the screenshot later there?

Or should I collect my prizes without taking screen shots ever again? There's no need for me to do so if the animation is already available on the web, right? Afterall my reason for taking the screenshots is because I want my own something and I haven't seen it on other websites (until today).

I feel stupid for getting so worked out about this game.

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